Tadasana (Mountain Pose) – an easy guide by Lets Yoga

This blog is an easy guide by Lets Yoga about everything you need to know about Tadasana (Mountain Pose).

Tadasana is the foundation of all the standing poses and a great tool to improve your posture and rest between difficult standing yoga poses.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Pronunciation & Meaning


In Tadasana, Tada means Mountain, Asana means Pose / Posture

Step-By-Step Instructions for Mountain Pose

How to do Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Step 1

Stand straight with legs joined and hands on the side of your body at some distance.

Step 2

Pull your stomach inwards and expand your chest, try to equally distribute the weight of the body on both the legs.

Step 3

Keep breathing normally. Stay in this position for anywhere between 15-30 seconds.

Benefits of Mountain Pose

  • Improves your body awareness and posture.
  • Strengthens the legs
  • Establish a good balance between your mind and body.
  • Improves digestion
  • Help strengthen the immune system if practiced regularly.

Precautions for Mountain Pose

Avoid doing Mountain Pose, if you have headache or insomnia or low blood pressure, or have gone through any recent surgery.

Consult a doctor before beginning an exercise regime.

More Information about Mountain Pose

Sanskrit Name of the Asana


Asana Level



You can perform this pose with your back against a wall. Stand straight in front of a wall touching your heels, shoulders, and sacrum (not the back of your head).

Warm-up Asana

Follow-through Asana

  • Standing Poses


You can challenge yourself to practice mountain pose with closed eyes and enhance your balancing skills.

Beginner’s Tips

By keeping you inner feet slightly apart (3-5 inches), you can improve your balance while standing in this pose.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How long can I do Mountain Pose?

You can do Mountain Pose for about 15-30 seconds and repeat it for 2-3 times if you want.

How to pronounce Tadasana?

Try saying (tah-DAHS-anna)

What does Tadasana means?

In Tadasana, Tada means Mountain, Asana means Pose / Posture

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