Marjaryasana (Cat Pose) – an easy guide by Lets Yoga

This blog is an easy guide by Lets Yoga about everything you need to know about Marjaryasana or Cat Pose or Bidalasana.

Take a break and give your spine and abdominal organs a gentle massage with Marjaryasana or Cat Pose or Bidalasana.

Marjaryasana (Cat Pose)
Marjaryasana (Cat Pose)

Pronunciation & Meaning of Marjaryasana

Try saying (mar-jar-ee-AHS-anna)

In Marjary-asana, Marjary means Cat and Asana means Pose/Posture. Therefore, it is also known as Cat Pose. Both Marjaryasana and Bidalasana means the same i.e. Cat Pose.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Cat Pose

How to do Bidalasana (Cat Pose)

Step 1

Start this pose with your knees and hands in a tabletop position and look up or in Bitilasana (Cow Pose).

Step 2

While exhaling pull your stomach up in a relaxing position, and now try looking to your belly. Make sure to push your shoulder blades opposite to each other, making them broader and placing them away from your ears.

Step 3

Keep breathing normally while holding this final position of Cat Pose.

Step 4

Hold this pose about 15-30 seconds i.e. 3-6 deep breaths. Repeat it again, if you want.

Benefits of Cat Pose

  • Helps in opening up the chest
  • Provides a gentle stretch to the spine, wrist, and the neck
  • Stimulates the abdominal organ

Precautions for Cat Pose

Cat Pose should be avoided if you have any serious shoulder or back or neck injuries or pregnancy or have gone through any recent surgery.

If you have any one of these problems then consider consulting a doctor or practice under the supervision of an experienced Yoga teacher.

More Information about Cat Pose

Sanskrit Name of the Asana

Marjaryasana / Bidalasana

Asana Level



You can use a thick folded bed sheet or a towel under your knees while staying in this pose to prevent knee pain.

Warm-up Asana

Follow-through Asana


To deepen your Cat Pose, simply just increase the time you stay in this pose.

Beginner’s Tips

To prevent neck pain while staying in Cow pose, make sure to keep your head in line with your back.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How long can I do a Cat Pose?

You can do Cat Pose for about 15-30 seconds i.e. 3-6 deep breaths. Repeat it again, if you want.

How to pronounce Marjaryasana?

To pronounce Marjary-asana, try saying (mar-jar-ee-AHS-anna).

What does Marjaryasana means?

In Marjaryasana, Marjary means Cat and Asana means Pose/Posture. Therefore, it is also known as Cat Pose.

What does Bidalasana means?

Both Bidalasana and Marjaryasana are Sanskrit words, which means Cat Pose.

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