Balasana (Child’s Pose) – an easy guide by Lets Yoga

This blog is an easy guide by Lets Yoga about everything you need to know about Balasana (Child’s Pose).

Child’s Pose is a Restorative Yoga Pose, which is generally performed before and after some challenging asanas like Sirsasana.

Balasana (Child's Pose)
Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Pronunciation & Meaning


In Balasana, Bala means Child, Asana means Pose/Posture.

Step-By-Step Instructions

How to do Child’s Pose

Step 1

Start this pose by sitting in vajrasana. 

Step 2

While breathing in lift up your hands and breathing out slowly start bringing your hands down to the ground.

Step 3

Keep breathing normally, and hold the final position for anywhere between 30-60 seconds.

Step 4

While breathing in, get back to the initial position. Repeat the same if you want.

Benefits of Balasana (Child’s Pose)

  • Provides a gentle stretch to hips, ankles, and thighs.
  • Clams the mind.
  • Relax the body.
  • Helps in stress relief and fatigue.
  • Improves immunity and strengthens the immune system if practiced regularly.

Precautions for Child’s Pose

Avoid doing Balasana – Child’s Pose, if you have any knee injuries or back injuries or neck injuries or diarrhea or pregnancy or have gone through any recent surgery.

Consult a doctor before beginning an exercise regime.

More Information about Child’s Pose

Sanskrit Name of the Asana


Asana Level



If you have any difficulty with sitting in vajrasana then, place a thick folded blanket or mat between your calves and back thighs.

Warm-up Asana

  • Vajrasana

Follow-through Asana

As Child’s Pose is a resting pose, any asana can be followed through.


There is no advancement of Child’s Pose as it is a resting pose and used to rest before and after various asana.

Beginner’s Tips

As Child’s Pose is a very beginner-friendly yoga pose, it is very easy to perform it; but in case if you are facing any kind of difficulties then check out the Modification.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How long can I do Child’s Pose?

You can do Child’s Pose for about 15-30 seconds and repeat it for 2-3 times if you want.

How to pronunce Balasana?

Try saying (bah-LAHS-anna)

What does Child’s Pose means?

In Balasana, Bala means Child, Asana means Pose/Posture.

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