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Shah Viraj Bipin

The Man Behind ‘Lets Yoga’

About Shah Viraj Bipin

Hey there, I am Shah Viraj Bipin, a digital entrepreneur from Mumbai, India. Basically, I’m a student of High School, who is very passionate about Yoga, Blogging, and Digital Marketing and I owned this website Lets Yoga.

About This Site

This website ‘Lets Yoga’ is completely made by myself, when it comes to my blog posts, I try my best to provide you real and authentic information about Yoga in a very easy-to-understand format. All the social media handles of this website are also managed by me. I’m not a professional trainer or a health coach (very soon I’ll be), all the blogs which I have made on my website are based on my research from various authentic sources and books.

My Mission Statement

My mission is to empower a healthier you by incorporating Yoga and Nutrition into your everyday life. I adhere to the highest standards of excellence and integrity and always put your best interests first. I continually expand my knowledge of yoga, health, and nutrition, thus providing you with current, cutting-edge recommendations to help accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Future Plans

‘After completing High School, I’ll be pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Yoga from Rishikesh; which is the yoga capital of the world. After that, most probably I’ll be going to work in Germany, Europe; I don’t know why, but I wanna work there’, says Shah Viraj Bipin.

Important Note

Your time is important, therefore I don’t want to waste it by adding any information that won’t add values to your life. That was just a former introduction about Shah Viraj Bipin because it is mandatory for you to know a little about me 😛 Thank you so much for all your love and support.

Also read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of my website before using the service I provide, Thank You.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Shah Viraj Bipin by visiting the Contact Page of my website!