Try this 15 Min. Easy Yoga Routine to feel great.

This blog is about a yoga routine which is a 15 Min. easy yoga routine to feel great.

15 Min. Easy Yoga Routine
15 Min. Easy Yoga Routine

Have you left with only 15 Min. of extra time in the morning to commute to work or school? Stop using that social media platform or doing a useless activity that won’t add any value to your life; instead, try this 15 Min. easy yoga routine to start your day feeling great.

Few sets of Surya Namaskara and few asanas that are mention below will not take you more than 15 Min. to read as well as to perform but can do wonders with your body and that’s a great way to start your day if you are running out of time.

I have already made a detailed blog on every topic mentioned in this blog, you can learn in detail if you want just click the particular pose.

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